Beardie wont eat fruit or veg


Hello. I'm new to this site but would really like some help and advise on my new bearded dragon. A friend of mine gave me the beardie a few days ago, they didn't look after it very well, its very thin and dark in colour. Not to sure on how old it is exactly but I do know its a few years old. My friend said they fed it two supper worms a day with a few hibiscus leaves, that's it. We got him with a red light in the cage, no other lights. Are their any other lights that it needs? The tank is quite long, I think its a reasonable size for him. Iv tried feeding him grated apple and carrots with some calcium powder over it but he doesn't eat it (I'm guessing he's not used to it coz he hasn't grown up eating the veg and fruit) is there a way we can get him to eat the veg more than the worms. The second day we had him he ate five worms. I'm worried he's gona starve because he's so thin. He's very alert, walks around the cage and he's very tame. Is there anything else we need for him like lights and stuff like that? We do have a rock in there for him to bask on. I really like my new pet, Iv always wanted one. If some one could please give me any advise on how to properly look after him so that he's happy, and how to get him to fatten up and eat more veg and fruit, I'd greatly appreciate it. Thank you xxx


Juvie Member is a good care sheet to go off of. great for information on what to feed.
You need a UVB bulb ASAP! reptisun 10.0 is the best!!
Also ditch the red light and use a normal house light or flood light.
If you need heat at night get a ceramic heat emmiter.
check temperatures with a digital probe theremometer or heat gun is a great sight to get all that you need.
until you get a UVB bulb try to take him outside in the sun for atleast 30 mins a day UVB is essential to there health.
Congrats on your new beardie follow the guide and he will do great.


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Thank you so much I greatly appreciate it. I'll have a look at the sites you provided to get some more information. Thanks again:)


1)How is your beardie doing?
2)Have you found out yet what gender is is?
3)How long is it in Centimeters?
4)Have you managed to get a UV light?
5)is He eating right now?
6)Tempreture gage in tank?
7)Where in SA are you based?

We live in Underberg, Southern Drakensberg and we just got our male named Rango recently aged aprox a year.
All is well, except getting him to eat his greens. He just want crickets.
Rudi & Jacqui Botha


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My bearded dragon is doing much better YAY :) Thank you. She's a little girl, and wev got her to eat her veggies now, she's also starting to pick up some weight which we really happy about and she's much more active. I give her the veggies in the morning and afternoon I give her a few worms and crickets. She knows if she doesn't eat her veggies she doesn't get her treat in the afternoon, lol. I'm very happy with her progress, Wev managed to get her a UV light and all the other stuff. She is an adult beardie, not to sure on her length tho, but she does look smaller than the other adult beardies, I think that's from not getting the proper food when she was by her previous owners. I went to Joburg a few weeks ago on holiday with my boyfriend, and asked my dad to look after her for me, and he got her to eat her veggies, I asked him how and he says he just gave her the veggies and not the worms for a while and she eventually started eating them. I was getting worried because an adult is meant to eat more greens than crickets and worms. We live in Ballito KZN North Coast. Hope all goes well with your baby, and hope he starts eating his veggies :)


Ballito, can you believe it!!!

We go to ballito all the time and we are moving to Ballito in december this year!!

So we can help each other with the beardies!!!

We will be living on a farm house 10 km out, just past Ballito Microlighting.

Starting a Tourism Business there.


Rudi & Jacqui Botha

Nice to meet you!

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