Beardie vomiting multiple times in quick succession


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My female beardie has thrown up twice in the last few minutes. She’s very bloated but she has been eating well and eating her usual portion sizes. I’m worried she may be impacted. She laid eggs about 9 days ago and she didn’t have any trouble with the first 7, but a couple days later I noticed she was pushing but nothing was coming out. I figured she could’ve just been constipated and gave her a bath and left for the day, but when I got home she had laid another egg. I’m worried that she may be impacted or have a stuck egg maybe? I’m not sure what to expect after a beardie lays eggs, this is my first time dealing with a gravid beardie. It very well could just be that she ate too fast, she has always had an aggressive appetite but it can’t hurt to ask for advice.
If she does end up vomiting again or starts acting different I will take her to the vet but for now is there anything I should do?

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Hi there, how is she doing now ? Is it possible that she ate late and didn't have time to digest her food ? What is your set up like ? Please post pics of your dragon to show her body condition now and her entire set up, including lights. If she becomes extremely lethargic, especially if her beard turns black, get her in to a vet ASAP. Here's how to post pics : Then use the XIMG to upload them

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