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Hey everyone! I'm new to this forum and I just got my bearded dragon last Friday, and I was wondering if down the road there are any "Tricks" I can teach it, like for instance, (Though I don't know if it's possible) "Shaking", or "High Fiving" Or something like that, I was just curious.
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I've trained Melody to 'call me by banging her sticks or rocks around to get me' and she does. She goes to the bathroom before I leave the house, she'll go in her tub, or outside during the summer months. She knows the car and loves to go out on trips. She knows the words, 'No', 'Stop', 'Turn Around', and 'Go Potty'. No handshakes though. Knows the meaning of 'Kiss Kiss.'


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Both Dubs and Richard know that if I hang a towel over the side of the tub, it's their cue to climb the towel for snuggles. Dubs has been doing it for years, and I've even used a towel to get him out of places where I can't reach him. If he's in a tight spot and won't come out, I just toss a towel in and he grabs it with his front feet and I drag him out.

The best way to get your dragon to do "tricks" is to find something they do naturally and capitalize on it. Shape a common behavior into a "trick" by somehow rewarding it. Dubs learned to climb the towel because he hates the bath - it was his only way to escape. Now he'll climb a towel (or the curtains, or the couch . . . ) and we call it a trick.

I have seen people train dragons to stand up on their hind legs for bugs. I don't know if this is a natural behavior or not.


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I have taught bingo how to head bob and to wave with his little hand these are natural things they do in the wild but it is hard to teach them to do it in captivity but he finally learned


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I'm teaching Dave and Buster to poo on a paper towel. Much easier to clean. Just put it on their regular poo spot.


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Tasty Treat does a wonderful trick: Disappear!

all i have to say is "Time to put Tasty Treat back!" and she'll jump and do a 180 and take off! then i have to spend the next 10 minutes looking for her.
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