Beardie totally submerges her head under water

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Hello everyone,

I have an 8 month old beardie who is 13-14 inches long. Everytime I give her a bath in my sink, she dunks her head underwater and squirms around. Then she pulls her head out and viciously 'scratches' her head with her back legs. What is she doing? Is this ok? I've heard they aren't supposed to get water in those holes in their head, so I worry every time I see her doing this. I am trying to take a video of it.
I have another adult beardie and I have never seen him do this.

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Phin does that. Sometimes when he drinks in the bath he will completely submerge his head, and then he does the scratching thing when he comes back up. I haven't heard anything about it being bad for them to get water in their ears - many beardies also put their heads under when they swim. Just make sure you keep an eye on her and that she comes back up for air!


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Yep we have a few that like to swim they go under and swim a bit then come back up for air and do it again. They are like kids cant take your eyes off them in the bath.
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