Beardie thigh twitch?

I’ve noticed my beardies thigh muscle twitches quite regularly and I didn’t really think much of it until I googled it and it came up that could be MBD, but I give him calcium and multivitamins weekly multiple times a week. I use Arcadia UVB nothing blocking it. I tried to upload video of the twitch but the file wouldn’t go through, its not the entire leg it’s just like a muscle twitch. He’s probably close to 5 years old if I had to guess. He just had a checkup at the vet and he got a clean bill of health. No signs of MBD and the vet said he looked great (he’s a specific reptile vet) But I didn’t mention the twitch because like I said I never really thought it was anything until I randomly looked it up. Is this a normal thing or should I make another trip to the vet?

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Do you have any pictures of him along with the tank setup so we can see the lighting placement?
Is the Arcadia the T8 or the T5 high output tube?
How long has the twitch been going on for?
Did they do a bloodtest on him, or just x-rays, etc?
It is a possibility he could be getting too much supplementation, that can happen sometimes.
I would give the calcium regularly 3 or so times weekly but decrease the multivitamins to just
once weekly for now. What brand of supplements do you use?


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