Beardie swallow a pill? (Here's what to do!)

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Here's what to do!!
(This was just experienced with me and this is how I got it out. Background of how it happened. I had a Tylenol on the floor that fell out of my shirt pocket [I didn't realize or else I would have picked it up imidiatly]. He [my beardie Mason] was hanging out with me and started to wander the floor. He just ate some mangos and was pretty full. Keeping an eye on him, [I don't see the pill due to carpet], I see him licking around, then hear a *crunch* sound. I look and see half of a pill fall out of his mouth, the other half still in.)
HERES WHAT TO DO! Move ASAP so the pill doesn't desolve into your beardies blood stream! Also hopefully before they swallow it too. I got to my beardie fast, opened his mouth, and saw it was still in his mouth. Imidiatly I call for help because what I'm going to do is a 2 person job. I get small dull tweezers while my mom (who was helping) held his mouth open. (You can also use a small piece of wood to help keep it open, we used the end of a chopstick) Your beardie will start to salivate this is natural, I just dabbed it away to see the pill better. Also your beardie will start to get upset and wiggle and panic, this is normal for them to do So! Dont feel scared, a stressed beardie is better than a dead one.
If you are unable to grab the pill with the tweezers, let him regurgitate. You can either keep going at it and he'll have a natural defence (like bothering a snake just after feeding, they'll push what's recent out) and if the pill hopefully hasn't been there long, it should be the first thing to come out.
And If all else had failed, take your beardie to the vet!! 1 pill is ok to a person, but to an animal 1/20 of our size, it is deadly.

(How to pull open his jaw, pull on the beard! the skin just under the chin. It's a little hard but I was taught this by a vet.)

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Thank you for sharing your experience with this. How scary I bet it was very frightening for you and your dragon. Luckily you were able to act quickly and decisively to save your dragon.

To add, if you were not able to get the pill out, or you were too slow, administering activated charcoal would be the next step. This is likely what they will do at the vets too so no point in waiting and giving the pill a chance to start dissolving and being absorbed into the bloodstream.

And then of course, getting to the vet or calling the vet would be a good next step. Weve had a lot of success over the years here getting people to administer activated charcoal when various items have been ingested. It's definitely something to keep on hand in case of emergencies.

Once again, thanks for sharing your experiences and ok so glad it worked out ok for you and your dragon!


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Just another great thread to help you become better prepared for an emergency :)
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