Beardie sleeping whole day for months

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Is he falling asleep on top of the platform ? If so you could leave the uvb light on for an extra hour. Is he still getting outside sometimes ? How is his trembling ? I know this is all confusing for you but you're really trying your best.


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Forgot to mention, my area is having rainy season so it has been totally no sun for almost a week and not sure how long time more, so I can't rely on sun now.

He fell asleep in the hide (under bamboo or platform), what I did was I move him to the platform, I cover his eyes so he doesn't wake up. But I'm not sure can I leave him like this for how many hours. Is it max 1 hour?

He still trembles a bit and started to show weakness on his legs. It has been 7 days he taken the diluted calcium tablet and vet ask to stop now but he shows no progress of improvement. We're trying to get advice from vet pending reply.


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My husband reads a lot about MVB and the info received is it helps on treating MBD. You think we really can't try that? For the concern tank too low, we can lift the MVB with a stand to achieve the required distance.

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Your house is generally too hot for using a MVB. That's one of the problems.

As for keeping the Reptisun tube uvb on longer than hour while he sleeps there's no study on this type of situation but I'm sure 1-2 hours would be fine. His situation is different than a normal healthy dragon but is not unheard of. It took him a while to get weak and it will take him a while to get stronger.


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Hi, may I know does this consider lightly dusted? Now he is having MBD should I remain dust this amount of calcium or add more?


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