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Hi All! I’m posting on here because I’ve been a bit stressed and anxious about shipping my adult beardie to my new home accross the country for my new job. I’m using a company called Reptiles2You to help me ship my little guy, and though I’ve read great reviews about the company and they’ve been a great help so far, I would love to hear any personal experiences you’ve all had with any shipping to put me more at ease, as I’m very anxious to be away from my beardie for any given time, even if it’s overnight. I wish an airline would allow me to just take him in the cabin with me as my ESA, but, unfortunately, this is the only way I can transport him, so please let me know if you have any tips or experiences with transporting your beardie- I’d love to hear any advice you have to share! :)


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I had my bearded dragon shipped me when I got him. Everything went smoothly and he was fine. Make sure that the weather is not going to be too hot or too cold. And also avoid shipping close to a holiday.


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Best of luck to you. I seriously would be the beardie parent with the reptile warmers, taking an enclosure/playpen- lights, etc. and jump in the car. Hotels along the way, here we come!
Of course, I don't know all of the circumstances but by the concern in your text, this may be your only option. We are rooting for you-
Remember, a lot of people purchase reptiles and they are shipped so I do believe care is put into the handling of reptiles...I really am hoping for the best.

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I've read good things about them, but understand your apprehension, i would be a nervous wreck to. I hope everything goes well for you.

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It will be fine, I've both shipped and received beardies . The company will give you all the steps you need. They are shipped next day air so they arrive in the a.m next day and only spend part of the day in the shipping box.
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