Beardie pellets for dubias?

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Hey everyone,

I recent bought some of the juvenile bearded dragon pellets (the small round green/red/brown ones) just to see if Sarth would eat them or not. He only ate a couple and since hasn't touched them so I can assume he does not like them :roll: I was wondering if those would be good to grind up and give to my roaches though? I figure since they're full of nutrients for your lizard they must be good for the roaches too.


Had exactly the same problem, came up with the same solution. Don't even waste time grinding them up, the roaches will eat them just as they are. I just sprinked them into the roach cage, they were gone the next day.


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I actually add pellets to my roach chow when I make it.I use the rep-cal pellets, and they actually smell fruity. they are the only pellets my dragons will eat, and they actually eat them good!. but I add those to the chow, and it is gone so much quicker then it was w/o the pellets. i think the fruity smell helps attract them.


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Yea I got the rep-cal ones too for juvi dragons. That's good to know though, I'll just toss what he doesn't eat in the roach bin! Thanks guys :)
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