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Okay, for the newbie.. how occasionally is occasionally? Once a week, once a month? I've been trying to feed her a nice and varied salad, but the only thing she'll eat out of the bowl is the bok choy. We've been trying to only give it once a week, but is that still too often? Also, can we feed her different occasional foods each day or is that each week/month? Will her tastes grow as she does? She's only 4 months now.

Sorry for all the questions, just trying to make sure she's getting a well-balanced meal!

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So, according to this list, the only 'green' live foods are silk worms and phoenix worms, which are difficult to get in the UK.

I'm having to feed a mix of mini mealworms, crickets and butterworms....none of which are green in that list.

You can request to the website that they obtain and add these feeders to the list. :wink:
Most of what is there is by request.

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Note that Crickets are much healthier after they are gutloaded. Same goes for all insects.

Finally got some Phoenix worms, Kyle loves them..won't eat crickets anymore. Have been giving him some greens & carrots, the canned soft squishy kind..not much of a veggie eater yet. I usually give him the worms 2x a day with the veggies in between, they sit in his tank. ALso give him the fortified pellets, soaked in pineapple juice or just water, doesn't seem to eat those either.
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Stupid question...does the squash need to be cooked or just cut up raw?

Not a bad question. It doesn't matter. Some beardies like it raw, others like t cooked. Either way, just make sure the pieces aren't too big.
Thanks! Will cook it to make it soft....tonight we gave her some swisschard from our garden...we grow everything organic....Cora loved it! She even came out of her cage on her own to eat tonight :)

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Thanks for sharing the new link to your site. I had the old one linked and just deleted the old one and put the new one in bookmarks.
I wouldn't have know about the change if I hadn't seen this post
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