Beardie not eating, possible parasites

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Hiccup he is 5 and Blaze is 3
Hey - replying on this thread again as I checked Lyra this morning again and I can feel at least two eggs in her abdomen, gonna provide her a lay box. Any advice on this whilst dealing with parasites? I imagine I've gotta focus on getting her to lay now as a priority and just keep her viv disinfected as possible.
Here is info for a laybox

potting soil that doesn't have any type of chemicals or fertilizers in it, mixed with sand, etc. Be sure it is at least 10-12 inches deep & that the mix is damp enough to where it will hold up to her making a burrow but not sopping wet to have standing water.
I would get a fecal in for testing to find out if she has parasites and what ones- that will tell you what meds need to be used --- get some baby food pumpkin so you can get her to poop keep her hydrated as well that will help w/ the pooping -

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Surgery, Blood transfusion, Internal bleeding (potentially) not confirmed, Sudden onset anemia, potential aneurism etc. Echo stayed in the hospital overnight and the dr did not have good news when she called to update me today. I’m not 100% sure that I made the right decision by coming to pick her up (against what the dr recommended) but she was in far worse condition since having dropped her off. Help! 2nd opinion!?
The basking side of my tank isn't getting up to the suggested 100degrees. Does that mean I need to get a new basking light?
does her poop look healthy?
In your perspective does my baby bearded dragon look healthy or unhealthy? Does she look bloated? she is active and eats very well also she is in her basking spot all day
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