Beardie not eating much or moving has lots of black mark


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It sounds like he's looked after pretty good other than the small adjustments karieree suggested, if he's been eating mealworms as a staple I'd envisage him to be a bit fatter as they are very fatty bugs, though this can vary depending on feeding schedule too. He's still juvenile so it's probably best to cut down the mealworms to a few once a week only, they aren't very nutritious. When you're able go ahead and swap over to roaches or BSFL. I think at his age 3-4x a week on the roach/BSFL with dusting would be good as he's still growing. This could be a possible reason as how he's become unwell as he needs to eat frequently to keep up with his growth, the sudden stop can cause some damage to the liver sometimes if they otherwise had a healthy appetite (my vet told me this when my girl stopped eating at 18mo old but she bounced back within a week or so with supplement feeding)

The humidity being 10% is also definitely a possible factor, he could be very dehydrated- and he does look a little so. I'd try to get that humidity up a little and give him gentle warm soaks where possible (please make sure the room is warm too so it doesn't shock him!) - offer him some water on the nose as well and see if he responds !

It's good you're taking him to the vet tomorrow, if none of the above helps the vet can certainly help rule out acute illness. I'm rooting for your boy to recover !
Thanks! Working on getting the humidity up currently and we will try to soak him with some warm water. Do you have any recommendations on which brands are best to dust his food with?


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No you can leave it on top of the screen - I have a Zen and I have 3 basking bulbs but one is for the middle of the tank for temps in the 90's and that is where my UVB is -- that would be the warm part the hot side is one 150 watt Exo Terra and one 75 watt Exo Terra - its winter so they are both being used at this point and there is a temp gradient on that hot part so temps run from 105 to 95 or so depending on where he sits - no bulb on the cool side and it stays in the 80's - here is a pic of Blazes tank if your going to the vet tomorrow NO enemas they often end in disaster but I really think its your lighting contributing to alot of this -- you can take a fecal in w/ you if you can get one or get one later and take in
Okay, thank you! I will try and use the other lamp and bulb I have to get a better gradient in my tank.

He had just relieved himself as I was making this post so I was able to bag it and put it in the fridge for the vet visit tomorrow AM. I was glad he did as it seems there is an overwhelming amount of people who have had luck with the enemas.

Thanks again!

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Hiccup he is 4 and Blaze is 2
Thanks! Working on getting the humidity up currently and we will try to soak him with some warm water. Do you have any recommendations on which brands are best to dust his food with?
Insects need to be dusted- what are you using now?

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How did the vet visit go for you? Did they do a fecal to determine if he has parasites, etc?
You can use straight calcium powder without D3 for him. Repcal calcium without D3 is a good brand. Are you
in the US?


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His first vet visit went well! Abelardo Texas looks good physically according to his new Dr.
Unfortunately, on the fecal it showed that he has Coccidia. Not a surprise honestly... he has been having diarrhea since I got him. I got Albon, F10, and a steam cleaner on hand.
I'm kinda freaked out, I heard coccidia is a beast to get rid of. Wish me luck! 😭
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