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My three year old male bearded dragon Cheddar has been having some major problems lately and I don't know what to do. About three days ago I noticed that his beard was bigger then normal. Not like the normal flared up beardie beard, but BIG. The bottom of his beard has stayed big and black for the past couple days. When you touch it, it feels as though he's swallowed a golf ball. It's firm to the touch. He hasn't eaten in a day and a half which is not normal for him. The last time he ate he started thrashing around with his mouth open and collard greens in the back of his throat. This was the day after I noticed something going on with his beard. He also starts randomly thrashing his body around with his mouth open, causing him to fall of his basking stick. I'm really worried about him because I know that this is not normal behaviour. He has adequate heating and lighting and is in a 50 gallon Exo Terra. Anything is greatly appreciated. I love this little guy to the moon and back so I will do everything I can to help him.


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It sounds like he either go choked on something or has some kind of growth i would recommend getting him to a vet. In the mean time can you post a few pics of him and go over your setup? The lighting is the most critical, what are you using for uvb and its age and distance from your beardie also basking temp and how your taking them. There are some really good people here that may be able to help you the more detailed you can be the better they can help.

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Wow poor thing, it sounds like he may be in pain or distress. I agree, he does need to see a vet
if at all possible.
If his beard has a hard spot in or on it it could be a growth or an abscess which cropped up. Could
a worm or cricket have bitten him when he ate, possibly?
Let us know how he is doing.


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