beardie needing operation. wish her luck pretty pls!

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Pleaides":26b2a said:
thanx all, will continue to update.

@tracie: yep mischief seems to have picked up already and was basking last night the little devil, lol, hes still holding his mouth open though, the vet said if hes still doing it next week then hes going to have to go back for further antibiotics.
venus was feeling ultra sorry for herself last night, she had a slight black beard and stress marks contiously since last night now and is still the same this morning but i think that is to be expected. shes been hiding under her blankie, bless her, she had her cuddles last night though before bedtime.
yep they are positive it is a fatty mass so no need for a biopsy.
the vets concerned with the LDH and AST also, the things you recommended will be asking about when she goes back thursday but she is on the laurabolin injection, which is the same one skitzy was on a little while ago, the bodybuilding thing. lol.
the vet has already asked me if i have critical care and i dont but he said if she hasnt eaten on her own by thursday then he will give me some so i can start her on that. hes not really expecting her to eat though. i really really hope we can get those levels down i dont want her in liver failure or anything, thats terrifying!
well am on a late at work today so dont finish till 2030. will keep you posted.

I am glad she is doing better and wish her a speedy recovery.

Question, what branch are you (2030 gave you away lol)


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ok guys...what????
lol what branch am i? i dont understand, thats the time i finished work tonight at half 8, 2030. lol

venus dont seem to be doing all that well. i gave her her cuddles last night wrapped in her blankie and placed her back in her home, and tonight, just under 24 hours shes in the exact same position, she has not moved at all nor has she tried to eat anything and she was laying up her warm end and as ive upped her temps a bit to help her immune system im more likely over heating her so gonna keep her temps at normal range as usual as her cool end went real high today and if she does decide to move then she aint got nowhere to go to cool off, bless her. so as shes not moving do i keep her temps as normal, up her warm end its 90f, her cool end is normally around 80f but went to 86f today and her basking is around 100f.

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Hi don't know what we are talking about, do you? 2030 is military time here.
I am going to assume you are in another country, correct? Where are you?

Your basking temp is fine at 100 but your coolside being 86 is a little high. Is there any way you can get the coolside down a little?


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hey dawn
ooh ok military time, i know they use those kind of times but i use them also its easier, lol, im in the south east england.
and i work in a shop, lol. a lot of people here use 24 hour time rather than am and pm.

oh i now her cool end is too high, have no idea how to get that to drop a bit, it used to be around 80f but thats with her warm end being at around 88f and her basking around 95-98f so by upping her warm end to 90-92f and her basking around 100f thats automatically done her cool end in. what do you think then. shall i keep them as i normally do and that will keep her cool end around 80f, it doesnt help that her viv is on top of my Mischief's viv and he has a CHE so that also helps keeps her warm end..well warm as she only has a 40watt white household (obviously in conjunction with her arcadia) as i had issues with her viv not being bright enough so dropped the wattage so the thermostat wouldnt keep shutting off her bulb as it got to optimal temps too quick, with me still? so the 40watt does not get her temps up but with mischiefs CHE under her warm end that helps up her temps also as heat rises, but shes always lived above mischief and ive never had a prob before but our weather here is proper all over the place and today has been quite warm. hmm, you see i cant even drop his temps a bit as hes still getting over a lung infection, which i have absolutely no idea how he got it in the first place, its all confusing here. :banghead:


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hey dawn
its a wooden vivarium 5x1.5x1.5 feet.
easier way is to show you a pic, the only pic i have is both the dragons vivs.
she has a white household basking bulb in conjunction with her arcadia 12% d3, which is due to be changed again in september.


this was taken 11 july and is the most recent pic i have of their set ups.

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Since your lights are fixed...the only thing I can think to do is try putting a smaller watt bulb in for basking and raise the basking spot.

It's hard to tell from the pic....but do you have ventilation in the viv?
You could try putting another ventilation hole on the cool end of the viv. Just an idea!


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well i can move the light about but that does mean a lot of drilling, lol, and with my drilling it will more likely be wonky, oh and yes they do have ventilation, didnt think of adding one but i personally think they have enough but still will think on that and on how to do it.

well venus and i are back from the vets and the vet is very pleased with how she is healing, she has now been prescribed critical care so have to try to get her to take that twice a day, hmm, now that is questionable but will try my very best and hopefully she will pick up her eating, she has been banned from all livefood to get her liver into proper working order now and get some of that fat out, so its a lot of greens, veg and herbs which is real awkward and she eats nothing but rocket, rocket salad and pak choi so will have to try some new things i think but they are very dubious about tryign new things. also was told off about my Mischief as for his age, length and weight hes heading for obesity too so have been told to lay off some of his livefood also so hes limited to about 5-10 worms a week! bless him! he loves his butters, hmm but then again he also loves his waxies :shock: , now if he has a liver problem when hes a bit older that will definitely be solely my fault :shock: oh my! so hes on a diet, hehe. so venus isnt back to the vets for another 4 weeks! i forgot to ask about her stitches so im presuming their disolvable? i may have to call them about those i think.
well she was also a bit more active today yesterday was a real bad day for her but she seems more alert definitely. so fingers crossed she just keeps getting better and picks up her eating soon!

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Glad to hear Venus is doing so much better :D I hope you have luck with the greens. I hate trying anything new with Rex....she doesn't take to veggies to well. It's a constant struggle with that one!

So Mischief is going to have to lay off the waxies for a while, huh?
Darn...that's like telling a woman to lay off the chocolate! :shock: Poor Mischief!


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i know, poor boy! but i think hes definitely still got his lung infection, think hes gonna have to go back for more antibiotics, will call monday morning as i dont think hes eating his greens anymore and hes sulking quite a bit.

with venus she was quite active this morning, it was not fun giving her her critical care this morning either, i hate having to force a syringe in their mouths as im terrified im going to get it in their lungs, well she only have 2ml today, shes meant to get 2mls twice a day but i didnt get home from work till gone 9pm (lol) so i dont wanna unsettle her now. also when my dragons just pick at their greens, how do you know? if they eat a fair amount or nearly all of them obviously i notice but its important now i know whether venus is eating her greens but i cannot tell, im at work all day so their greens go in before i go then when i get home their all dried up so its really hard to tell. is their any way of knowing do you think? because if she IS picking at her greens then its such a teeny amount i dont notice so is there any way?

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Hello Anny,

How is Venus doing? She is barely picking at her greens that you can tell? It is extremely hard to know whether or not she is eating any greens if you cannot tell a difference on the plate. I can't think of any way to know if she is eating any or not. Maybe you could try putting a couple of small dishes of greens/veggies in different places in the tank, possibly. Does she tend to run through them? If not, you could put them in a shape or something to where you would notice if some were gone.
You think that Mischief STILL has a respiratory issue? Are you keeping his tank around 80 overnight? I hate to see him back on meds since they are so hard on his system.



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hey tracie
i never thought of arranging venus's greens in a pattern im gonna do that but i really dont think she has eaten them, they dont look much different to me in the evenings only other than being a bit shriveled bu the heat and no she doesnt run through them so should be ok. i think im doing ok with her critical care and she is taking a little bit of babyfood from me also.

yes ive been keeping both dragon at around 80f at night as their both not well, i dont get why mischief still has the infection either, still cannot work out how he got it in the first place, my temps cannot be wrong i use digital thermometers with probes and i also have one with a long probe attached where you put in there and leave for 45mins and their all reading fine. yesterday i was off work and really noticed that hes sitting up his cool end with his mouth slightly open and yep i can hear wheezing from time to time but its certainly not constistant so will be calling the vet first thing monday morning to try to get him in that night, im quite concerned now. and after watching him a while the bigger side of his belly was how he was standing, lol, it looked equal after that. but the vet may still treat him for constipation as hes been twice in the last week but teeny amounts and it is quite hard and he does seem to have a little trouble but i am bathing him but not till i see what the vet says now as i dont want to make his RI worse.

Little D

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Hey Annie

Sorry to hear about your BD but I also have concerns just like you because my BD is now fighting this "fatty liver" as well. They did blood work and his liver count was 222, (AST) which they said was EXTREMELY high.

I've been in communication with Tracie to try and get this sorted but so far, he doesn't look good. The vet also gave me that Critical Care but it's hard to get him to eat it. He's also getting Lactulose which was recommended by Tracie, along with Milk Thistle.

If you happen to find something that seems to help your BD get through this, could you please let me know.

I prey that your little one comes out of this okay.


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hey little D
sorry to hear of your one going through the same thing also.
still early days for my girl though so wont know any change for a lil bit yet. her AST was 135 so not as high as your lil one.
shes on critical care which shes starting to fight a little when i try to give her it now, shes still not eating her greens after her operation last week monday but she is eating babyfood and her weights even gone up a bit. but as for her liver shes on a steroid called laurabolin, it helps the liver break down fats, i give her greens daily still hoping she will eat them one day but as for livefood she has been banned by the vet for at least another month til shes due back for her second laurabolin shot, its a long lasting steroid.
id like to know about how your one is doing though so feel free to PM me please to keep me updated and i can do the same and hopefully we can find something for both our babies, ay!
good luck
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