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Hello all. Sorry for posting again. But I think my sweet girl might be on her way out.

I can’t really believe I’m typing this right now. But even after treatment for pinworms, daily soaks, syringe feeding and nutritional slurries, Delta has not shown any improvements. She’s pooped four times in the past hour, 3 of which contained blood. I just can’t seem to help her with whatever mystery is going on in her body. We’ve had 3 weeks of bloody stool. I’ve already scheduled another vet appointment for Monday, but I’m not confident she will make it until then. Her eyes keep closing while she basks and she seems to be straining to poop.

I managed to replace her UVB tube (T5) and place it directly above her basking area.

The only positives I can come up with are these:

- whenever i take her out of her tank (usually to feed or just love on her bc i’m sad) she has a lot of energy. She runs around a lot, and sprints everywhere.

- she usually drinks some water whenever I put her in the sink for a bath

- she WILLINGLY ate 4 worms today, 2 superworms and 2 hornworms

- the anti-fungal cream seems to be helping her shoulder fungus

Here are some pics from today. I cherish our companionship so much, please let me know how I can make this easy for her and painless if she truly is on her way out.


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Well hopefully when the results come back the vet may have a better idea of what is going wrong. You can always post the results on here and Tracie can take a look too and should be able to offer advice
Thank you so much for the support— I will certainly let y’all know.

They also injected her with some “hydration” in her sides. They looked swollen but seem to have soaked in now. She is basking, eyes closed with a dark beard. Hoping she can make a full recovery


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Update for today —

Bloodwork came back, not good news. Her tests basically indicated chronic inflammation, possible liver disease which confirms her dehydration. They say the next step for Delta would be doing some imaging, like an x-ray or possibly an ultrasound as well. But I don’t think I will be able to go through with those since my parents would rather just let nature take it’s course.. yeah, i know, it’s heartbreaking. If I were an adult, I’d do everything I possibly could, but I have to respect them and acknowledge that they are in charge of finances. So I would really like to do as much as I can for my sweet baby and definitely buy some milk thistle, which I’ve read about maybe reversing inflammation and helping her liver. But any advice would be appreciated here.

This morning, Delta has been very warm but mostly sleeping instead of basking. Id put her back up on her hammock to bask but she’d eventually just climb back down. Her beard is still black, colors dark, and eyes closed. But haven’t seen any blood in stool lately.

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If you have a copy of the blood tests, I can look over them for you. Did the vet give any medications or supplementations while
you were there? If liver issues are present, you can definitely try liquid milk thistle, to help with liver health. Keep the insects to a
minimum to help cut down on the fat intake.
At least you were able to get a blood test done, that does help a lot.
There were not any infections present though?
For nutritional support, you can use squash or sweet potato baby food, mixed with chicken or turkey baby food & blended greens
so she can get adequate support.

Let us know how Delta is doing.


Thank you so much for the support you’ve given me these past couple days.

I agree, it was shocking. I was so happy when she ate some. But I just feel like I’d need a miracle for her to pull through this ick she’s had for a while.

Here’s a pic of her right now. I’ve got 2 heat bulbs and 2 uvbs above her for extra support. I’m about to clean out her tank again, as well.
Her eyes are extremely sunken in. I would recommend taking anything with poo on it out of the enclosure, just incase.
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