Beardie lost in house

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I have an interesting problem. Today I was taking care of the reptiles before heading to my mom's for the weekend and must have forgotten to close the door to Han's cage. I got a text from my fiancee a couple of hours after I left with a picture of the empty cage. He's been going through a little bit of a brumation I think but apparently decided to be super active today. He's been spending a lot of time sleeping and hiding. She said she can hear him in the wall she thinks and his scratching is scaring her bird. Any advice on how we might get him out? I recommended keeping his lights on as usual and giving some of his favorite foods to try to persuade him to come out. Anything more we can do?

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Oh dear, that's awful. Does she know exactly where he is? More than likely, he's not going to be able to find the same way out as he went in. Is there an opening near where he is now, can she see him? She or you may have to end up making an opening for him closeby otherwise. How old is he by the way?

Good luck & keep us updated please.


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Good luck, I hope you got him by time I post this. My opinion is maybe hang his heat light at the end where he went in, & hopefully when he feels it, he will walk backwards if he can`t turn around. and place some food a little further away so it will lure him out.
I lived in a apartment before that had those heaters that are on the wall at the bottom of the floor, well ozzy my iguana at the time got inside the frame thing & I put his lamp at the end & he made his way out. whether if he turned around or if he walked backwards, he made it out. I came into the bedroom to check around & there he was on the other side of the room :)
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Any thoughts an knowledge will be helpful. Thank u
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