Beardie is not eating a ton of food but acting normal..

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My dragon is only eating a couple worms/crickets a day, but is acting completely normal and alert. I see no signs of him being uncomfortable or lethargic. He seems uninterested in food. He has a basking light that is around 90-100 degrees and a cool side....not sure what's going on. And I also feed him greens which once in a while he takes a bite out of. He use to consume at least 30-50 crickets a day so this is really out of the ordinary for him. Its prob been going on for around a week. He is around 1-2 years old...I rescued him a while ago from a store. If anyone could give me any advice that would be wonderful.


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Hello :)

First, up his temps a little. He should be around 100/105. He could just be about to brumate or shed. Make sure to offer bugs, greens, and water. Also give a bath 1 or 2 times a week. Keep us updated


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He's actually doing a lil better his poop was solid but small, I think he may be a picky eater. I have a friend who breeds feeder roaches and he's had them before, brought three huge ones home last night sucked them right down without hesitating so it looks like he's fine he's just a picky dragon :D But I made sure his temp did go up on his basking side and he seems totally fine now :D
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