Beardie Ingested Random Object!

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My bearded dragon ingested a small object about the size of a mealworm. I was letting her roam my room as I cleaned it. It didn't seem to be bigger than the gap between her eyes. She is approximately 14 or 15 inches long, full grown, about 3 and a half years old. Right as I went to grab the object, she swallowed it... I must have scared her when I went to grab it because when I tried to grab it, she bit my thumb (drew a decent amount of blood and a nice slice :( ) and swallowed the object. She didn't seem to struggle at all when she ate it. It went down smooth. I don't have any money to take her to get an x-ray or anything. Will she be okay??? Will it just pass right through?

Thank you!

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Hi Tyler, is there any way you can think of what it might have been ? Was it hard or soft ? Most small objects pass through without any problem, but no one can be sure. As long as it wasn't something very sharp [ which would probably have had a bad effect very quickly ] or something toxic then it may just come out in a few days or even a week or so. Be on the watch for any discomfort, black beard, lethargy, vomiting because you will then have a quick decision to make that would then be an emergency.

It's always good to do an inspection first any time you let her roam around.


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It seemed to be more on the harder side. It wasn't going down difficult, she seemed to swallow it with ease. From now on, the room will be clean when she roams. I'll keep an eye on her behavior.

I'll keep you updated.

Thank you,


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What shape was the object?
You don't know what it was?
If it was round it should pass...
But I agree if the dragon starts showing symptoms a vet visit might be a good idea.
Happy hunting....let us know what it was when it comes out ;)


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The object seemed to be straight. A little round maybe. But she's been active and basking fine since the incident. So I think she will be alright
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