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My bearded dragon has been overly active non stop since I bought her as a baby 4 years ago.

At 1st she hated being in her cage. She would glas surf, run up and down and hit her head into every corner. So I let her out but then she started doing the same in my room and she would do the same no matter where I place her, even outside sometimes.

I feed her well, I've ensured that she has the right kind of set up, bathe her often and take her outside to get some natural light. She is very healthy but something is clearly wrong and I have tried to look for answers everywhere- even my local vet specialist- and none of the have been able to help me find a solution to this.

I love my beardie but I am at my wits end. I just don't know what to do anymore.

Any help would be immensely appreciated!


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I say this with all sincerity...I believe it could be genetics- think about humans...we range in our personalities and behaviors. Perhaps that is just how your beardie is? If you have been doing this for fours years (commendable), I can see how this can be exhausted but if it's a healthy, happy beardie, then perhaps it's just about loving it as it-

Try to keep it safe would be my first recommendation. It sounds like you have variation from being outside to being around your room...others may verify your setup but I really think unless you find other ways to entertain your beardie, I think it's just how your beardie may be.

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My dragon has been that way for years. He absolutely hates being in the enclosure so I wound up just building him a free range setup with lights suspended from light stands in the house and he runs around as he pleases. He usually winds up just surfing the walls of the house, so I eventually bought a bigger house and even that's not enough! I have everything set up so he can't get stuck anywhere I can't find him (you eventually learn the typical hiding spots they go to when they want to sleep). It works pretty well if you don't have other animals in the house. Otherwise, you'll have to resort to supervised time out of the enclosure or limit free roaming to a single room etc.

As mentioned in an earlier post, I think this is genetics and not necessarily a sign of something wrong. I would try to accommodate her the best you can and as long as she's eating well, the activity level will give her lots of exercise and hopefully keep her healthy for a nice long life.

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