Beardie has a free ride

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He had a great time!
Until he got on the ground, and then he looked at the vacuum and he got angry at it :lol:



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gulfbrzdawn":89ae8 said:
That was cute! He did seem to be enjoying it.
You could market that as the "Beardie Bot" :lol:

Yeah! The beardie has fun while the vacuum cleans, it's perfect. :wink:


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Good grief, you have discovered the beardie hover craft. Maybe he might not have gotten angry afterward it if you had a remote control so he didn't have to bump into the walls. hehe That was really cute though


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:( i cant view the movie. lol. it sounds good and it starts then suddenly ends it wont actually play it.

fresnowitte Sicko
That was to darn cute! :love5:
I really need one of those for Z&W they'd love it would give me a break.
(I'm Z&W's hover craft/transporter :lol: )

Thanks again that was really cute. :lol:
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