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Hoping you might all be able to help me with a problem with my 8 month old beardies right eye. For the last 3 days he his right eye has been closed only opening when he eats or moves around his cage, but even then not for long and not very wide. When it is opened briefly you can see is pupil is completely dialated and his normal orange circle around the pupil is no longer visible. I first noticed that he was periodically closing his eye a few days ago and then I noticed a red smear at the bottom of his lid on the eyeball, then gradually he was closing his eye all the time. And since then it has been relatively black in his eyeball. With his eye closed his bottom lid is blue by the way I don't know if that means anything or not.

I don't use compact flourescent, I use reptisun 10.0 tube with 75 watt basking light
Cage 30 gallon
substrate, switched to paper towels as silica sand could have gotten in his eye causing the problem.
poops regularly
cage temps are bang on perfect
Gets his regular dusting of Vitamin (dragon dust) and Hep Cal.

My girlfriend and I tried to wash his eye out the other day with a fine stream of warm water but to no success. We have been applying antibiotic ointment to the outside of his eyelid hoping that he opens it enough at some point for some to get in. The owner of a reptile store in my area gave me some of the ointment that he gives his dragons when they have fought or scratched there eyes. Have not taken him to the vet yet, wanted to ask everyone here first. Any help you might give would be a fantastic start!!

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The sand most likely has caused his eye problem, yes. The basking light is it directly beside the UVB light then?
Try getting some turtle eye wash or some saline solution eye drops to use for a couple of weeks. That should help clear it out. The antibiotic ointment can't hurt, either.
I think the silica based sand could have scratched his eye & caused the irritation.
Let us know how he is doing. Is he eating well?
The eyelid can look bluish & that is normal especially when they are sleeping.

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