Beardie egg stuck??

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My beardie laid some eggs but now there is something she has been trying to push out. It looks like an egg with slime and blood, I don't know if its her inside coming out I'm so confused please help me

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He there...she may have a cloacal prolapse from pushing the eggs out. Is it still protruding ? Can you get a quick picture ? If it is still pushed out, try soaking her in very shallow cool to lukewarm water with a couple tablespoons of sugar in it. The sugar can reduce swelling. Keep a heat lamp over her though, so she doesn't get chilled in the cool water. That may help....hopefully it will go back in on it's own.

AHBD Sicko
Oh, my, that's a very serious prolapse. If it's still like that you need a vet to push it back in ASAP. That will kill her if it isn't put back in, and if it's out too long it will become necrotic, the tissue will die and so will she. I'm sorry that happened to your girl !


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There are no vets around here that will help us. They told us we need to find a specialist. We don't want her to suffer. We adopted her a year ago they told us she was a male dragon so we are completely shocked when she laid eggs. My 10 year old son is devastated :( is there anything we can do to help her

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If you can convince a vet to help her, they just need to push it back in. Send them the picture, and also if you Google " bearded dragon prolapse pictures, there will be at least one series of pics from an actual procedure that even a regular vet should be able to follow. You can plead with them ! She should have some sedation, I'm sure they could figure it out by weight as to how much to give her , or at least some pain meds. If none of them are willing, then you must push it back in. I have done it before on a younger dragon, it was not as severe as yours but it DID go in. But I think if you were insistent that a vet would see her and get it done. Once it's back in thet put in a couple of sutures.
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