Beardie eating weeds

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Our beardie is about a year old. She had stopped eating for about two months and slept a lot. I figured it was brumation related but not full brumation. She has come out and is more active now but still wont eat her proteins. We have tried roaches (her previous regular staple), superworms, wax worms and hornworms. She will occasionally eat her collard greens but wont touch her other greens or veggies. She loves to be out in the yard and sun to run around but recently she has started running to a particular weed in the yard with purple flowers and tries going to town eating the leaves. Is this safe? Any ideas on why she will eat this and not her other greens or proteins? I have searched and cant find what kind of weed it is but i know its common. As a side note she hasnt acted sick or listless. Quite the opposite, she has been active and exploratory.


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Hi AHBD. Thanks for your reply. I downloaded a plant identifier app which said the weed was a cheeseweed mallow. It is apparently safe for a human to eat. Our dragon didnt seem to show ant after effects from eating it. Would you think it is safe for her?
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