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Beardie diet


New member
Hi, I'm new to the form. I had a beardie that died at the age of ten years ago and I'm looking to adopt another. I like keeping things outside, so I plan on building an outdoor enclosure(which I'm very good at) as well as have a set up indoors. My question is, can I feed my new beardie a similar diet as my turtles and russian tortoises? My russian tortoises eat non toxic weeds I source from the woods when I go on hikes with my dogs. Weeds such as, dandelion greens, dock, occasionally clover, thistle, wild lettuce and also things I grow on the property such as hibiscus, mulberry leaves and fruit, cactus and produce from the garden such as romaine, carrot tops etc. Also, I don't feed kale to any of my tortoises or tortoises; is it true that it is a calcium binder? And if anyone is looking to rehome a pair feel free to contact me. Thanks :)
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