Beardie Burritos vs Bonding Pouches

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I've read a couple of people's posts on this site referring to wrapping their beardies up in "beardie burritos" to help with the bonding process. I haven't tried this yet, but when I had rats some time ago, it was often suggested to wear a hoodie sweatshirt backwards and pop the rattie in the hood for bonding time. A rat rescue I know of also makes "bonding pouches" to accomplish the same thing - essentially, just little fleece bags that you wear around your neck and pop your rattie into. The theory is that they get your warmth and scent and that helps them bond to you more quickly.

Here's what a bonding pouch looks like.

I'm wondering if a bonding pouch would be an acceptable substitute for a beardie burrito, or if the act of wrapping your beardie up accomplishes something that a bonding pouch wouldn't do. I'm also worried that doing either could possibly traumatize my already squirmy dragon; I don't think that there's an equivalent in nature for beardie burritos or bonding pouches. Ideas?

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Rats are highly social animals and snuggling is part of their social activities. Beardies... not so much. Personally I dont restraint is a great way to bond with them, especially a wiggler. Its more like when you wrap up a cat or bird for vet checks to be done safely. If your dragon seems ok with it, its probably fine but i'd try other more lizard appropriate things first.

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Beardie burritos and blankies are an strictly American thing. They don't need them.
But I can't talk, I spoil all my scaley 4 legged child rotten with 24/7 heatslabs under their hides to sleep on overnight and nearly always have a supply of silkworms on hand for them.

Bonding , lots of hand delivered food treats and letting beardie snuggle ( in your hand as a hatchling ) does the trick .

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I agree with tater, beardie burritos really aren't a method I'd use for taming a dragon either. It's more so a thing to do once there is already a bond.

Just keep spending time together and the bond will form eventually. It just takes time sometimes. :)



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I’ve tried beardie burrito on my baby dragon, Walter, but he’s just not into it and trying to insist he lets me wrap him up has not helped the bonding process. Short , positive handling sessions and regular hand fed treats have been much more successful with my baby. My previous dragon, Rygel, took to beardie burritos from the first day I had him, and had a nightly cuddle every night right up until the day before he died. So, in my experience, it depends on the dragon. Walter may warm to being wrapped up for beardie burritos when he’s older, but at the moment he finds the world much too exciting to be able to settle down for a cuddle, even when it’s just minutes before lights out. beardie burritos aren’t a requirement, but they are a really nice way to cuddle with your dragon if they enjoy it.
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