Beardie Born With Dwarfism?

Does anyone have information on beardies that are born with dwarfism?
I've found myself wanting to rescue a beardie needing adoption. He (or she - don't know which) is about 4-5 months old and they said he was born with it. He's housed with 2 others with the same condition. The little guy I'm wanting to help is very spunky and seems healthy from what I can tell. All I know is that he is pretty small, he may not live as long, and could have some developmental issues with his limbs (he seems to be fine, one of the others though not so much with the legs). I REALLY want to know more information about what I could be looking at for his health and care, but google isn't helping much with this - apparently it's not very common? If anyone can shed ANY information about this condition I would REALLY appreciate it. I don't want to rescue him and not be able to care for him properly. My daughter has a 6.5 year old beardie, so I'm not new to keeping one at all. I am fully prepared to give him a proper setup and of course the nutrition he needs. I have a 36"x18"x12" exoterra terrarium for him - I'm hoping that's not too big (since he's so small is my concern - our other beardie is also in an exoterra, 36"x18"x18" - we are looking to build him a larger custom enclosure eventually). I've attached pics of the little guy with dwarfism. Thanks in advance!


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Wow I've never heard of that, now you have me curious. He/she is a cutie pie, keep us posted on what you decide to do. When i get home from work I'll have a new rabbit hole to dive into lol.


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Is this at a petstore? How do they know it has dwarfism? I visited a pet store that had a beardie that was 6+ mo olds but only looked 1-2mo old. An employee told me they didn’t feed him as often to keep him from growing. To make him appear as a baby. I guess what I’m getting at is this could be the case with the one your interested in.


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I just stumbled on this post, I was wondering what his exact length his right now tip to tail - and using that measurement we could compare it to a typical dragon of the same age. Just wondering how they know he has dwarfism / what led them to believe that and all. He is young right now and from the photo it appears he is w/in the average size for a beardie his age? Or maybe not, maybe I’m not seeing things you do since he’s right in front of you!

I’m just thinking - I don’t seem to see any proportion issues either - do you see any? You mentioned you didn’t think he would live long - visually at glance he appears to be a healthy looking average 4 month old. I wonder what they told you about his dwarfism health issues / all that stuff, since dragons can vary so much in length and still be well within the average size range - he is very pretty by the way!
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I agree, this is just a normal, healthy looking dragon that is not growing fast, it's not a dwarf at all. Just take care of him as usual, fed him live food a few times a day and he'll be fine. At times a dragon can be stunted from lack of food but even they can catch up even if they don't end up as big as others.

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