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Beardie Bathroom Help - At Wits End

Hello All,

I am at my wits end and hoping someone can help me out here. My beardie (Spud) refuses to poop in her own terrarium and has chosen my carpeted floor as her choice spot. I have been trying to wait until she uses the restroom in her own home before taking her out but this makes me feel like a bad pet owner. Today she chose my gaming pad to defecate on and honestly I just don't know what to do. I've cut out softer texture and placed it in her terrarium for her to use, same as my carpet and she still won't. If I don't take her out then I feel she isn't getting that out of cage time. Someone else had suggested a different material, like work mat, but anything else in the meantime would be appreciated.

Thank you for any help. :cry:


BD.org Addict
Its probably not the material, some dragons simply do not like to go in their cage.
Have you tried a warm shallow bath before free time? My dragon always goes in the water. Easy clean up.
If you don't want him pooping in the bathtub, get a shallow plastic bin and you can dump the waste and water down the toilet.
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