Beardie babies sick from cig smoke ??!

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I've got 5 baby beardies, now 5 mos old, which I incubated & hatched out here at home on my own. Have approx 16 lizards, all beardies with 3 being Mali Uros & have been lizard keeping going on 15 yrs now. My question, which I already know the ansr 2 but need confirmation & more info on, is this: can cigarette smoke harm them (I know it's a yes) and if so how badly, symptoms, how much can it shorten life span, etc. I just got a new roommate who chain-smokes like there's no tomorrow. I'm disabled & am allergic to it but she duznt seem to care. My lizards have NEVER been exposed to this and we are all suffering. She keeps her door shut (so is mine to the point I freeze at note coz she duznt sleep all nite & sits up watching tv & smoking. In the 3 wks she's been here the last week I've started coughing so bad I vomit several times a day. My eyes burn & it's absolutely horrible. She SWEARS she duznt smoke outside her room but just this AM, I caught her rite outside my door (smoke was so bad it WOKE ME UP!!) with a cig hanging outta her hand and ashes falling all ovr floor. I've caught her in the act several times but I'm now the bad guy and my new name is "Satan"! My poor lizard's. I can hardly bear it. One male baby 4 days ago started coughing & wheezing. I KNEW it was the smoke & she sed "prove that 100%"! I started Gandalf on some Panmycin antibiotics I had (my car was stolen a yr ago & I can't get to a vet) in case he has an URI. He's not coughed nearly as bad today but is still doing it. Tonight as I got ready to turn out all their lights, I saw this HORRIBLE alien slug-like thing sitting in the female's cage. I FREAKED! When I looked closer it was either 1) vomit or 2) poop. I'm thinking vomit coz I've NVR seen any poop that looked like that. It smelled like sumthing had died. U cud c cricket parts in it that LOOKED undigested (?) and it resembled a hairball a cat wud thro up -- that shape & length & stuck 2gether kinda like that. I really think its vomit & even tho I turned Nessie's light out, I can hear her coughing now. So now BOTH babies r coughing! I KNOW good & well in my heart it's this daggum smoke but L won't listen to anything. I'm sick & she duznt care so why shud she care about them? She has 2 small dogs & 3 birds in her room that hafta breathe in this toxic air 24/7 so I've appealed to her sense regarding her "love" (really....!) 4 her own pets & she says she's had them for yrs (one is a 4 mo old puppy!) and "they're used to it". Per law, I gave her 30 days notice today but I'm afraid my baby lizards won't make it another month! PLEASE SUM1 HELP! 4 what good it'll do, I need to "prove" to her it's her smoke making them sick. Ridiculous. And guess what? She's not paid me the 1st months rent after being here 3 wks. Yes she's leaving but I don't even care about my bronchitis & vomiting -- it won't kill me. All I care about is my lizards & saving my babies! I'm afraid it WILL kill them. And also the 20-yr-old Uro & 13-yr-old beardie who's REALLY getting old & not able to move around as well - they're in danger too! PLEASE HELP!!


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You're right that it is probably causing them problems - bearded dragons do not have cilia in their lungs, so all of the tar and smoke is going right into their system. If she is posing a health risk to you, call your landlord, show him or her the situation, and get them to kick the person out sooner than 30 days. Or call the SPCA and report animal abuse (which she is doing to her own pets, as well as yours). I would also suggest asking her to stop smoking inside - her smoke makes you vomit, violates your personal space, and violates your wishes as a person. Also, check your lease - you may actually be entitled to kick her out early if there is a no smoking clause or anything similar, especially if she represented to you that she wasn't a smoker when she moved in. I'm not a lawyer, but that would be my advice.


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I am a landlord in two states, you need to look up your laws. Usually in a month to month tenancy, they only have 72 hours to pay their rent before you can start eviction processes. And if she has not paid anything, and won't fallow the rules, unless there is a lease signed, then you can simply call the cops and tell them she is a no longer wanted house guest that won't leave, and have her arrested for criminal trespassing. In my expierence they simpley leave when they know you are serious about calling the police.
Also, I am a smoker. I smoke a pack a day. I do not smoke around my beardies, because they are so suseptable to lung infections. If sand can cause a respatory infection in them, then what in the world do you think smoke can do?


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TY both so much. I've been in hospital last 2 days so cudnt ansr bak but dr sed I have bronchitis & "walking pneumonia". Luckily I had a neighbor come in to feed my babies. I've found out that it she DOES NOT sign a lease (which she didn't) then I don't HAVE to give her 30 days. Her response is "I'll live in my van - it's 18 deg at nite - where the crackheads hang out & if I get shot, it'll b on u 4 kicking me out"!!!! I'm a VERY compassionate person not only 2 animals but pple & we r both disabled. Because she is, I've let her get away with things I nvr wud a non-disabled person coz I know what it's like to be in constant pain. But when it comes to my lizards I absolutely KNOW in my heart it's the smoke making them sick. Last nite it ws so thick I shut my door (furnace vent -old fashioned one in floor in mid of house & outside my door) so I've frozen all nite. It's 34 deg outside & 45 in my room coz I can't open my door to the heat. I'm sick, also have a concussion where I hit my head 2 nites ago & my lizards r worse than ever. I left the lights on for the babies & 2 older ones coz I new how cold it'd get last PM & found vomit in the cage this AM & now I've got 3 of em wheezing. It's the smoke & probly the cold from not having any heat. I didn't no about how their lungs were made (TY 4 that tidbit of info) but I have enuff sense to know w/o "proving it 100%" that's what's making them sick. She actually called the cops on ME last nite "for complaining so much"!!!! They just rolled their eyes, saw how cold it was, found out I'd just 3 hrs prior gotten out of Hosp & told her she needs to smoke outside since I'm sick. She refused, even to their faces! I'm 2 sick & can barely sit up to get ball rolling on getting her out. I've given her 30 days notice which she tore up. I can barely look after self much less 3 sick BD babies now & idk what to do. I read her ur exact responses & she just got up & left saying she had nowhere to go but in her van & nice me told her I didn't expect that coz she's human too, all I wants a lil cooperation. Guys I'm desperate. I'll probly get real pneumonia next & b 2 sick 2 do anything. Thx 4 ur help tho - I can always count on good useful comments from & I TY but still don't no what 2 do.


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Call the police back and tell them that you want her forcibly evicted. Why should you care for health and well-being after her smoking has cause bronchitis and pnuemonia in you and horrible sickness in your pets? While you're at it, call the SPCA and get them to remove her animals from her care too. They don't deserve it any more than your pets do. Honestly, your situation makes me extraordinarily angry and upset. Given that you are not under obligation to give her notice, she is now living in your place in violation of your will and your rights. Call the cops. They can and will arrest her. You should also seriously consider contacting a lawyer about your healthcare bills - the anti-smoking "steamroller" in the country would probably be all too pleased to help you out as a poster child of the dangers of second hand smoke. Ok maybe that's a bit much, but call the cops now, get her out, and think about calling a lawyer.

As for your BDs, you should really try to get a vet to see them, and soon. They may need a nebulizer or some antibiotics to help clear their lungs. I sincerely hope both you and your dragons recover.

She is totally inconsiderate of your health, wishes, and well-being. The "I will have to live in my van, it's all I have" line is what abusive spouses, boyfriends/girlfriends, or siblings do to their so-called "loved ones." She is using and abusing you, take care of yourself before you worry about her.


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This is so sad :( I feel so bad for you, but please try to BE A LITTLE TOUGHER for your own and your pets' sake!!! You can't act like a nice person around people like that, or they will keep s******* on you!! I really hope you do call the police and kick her out, after all she is NOBODY to you and you should not care where and how she will live because she is so ignorant. I hope I can see an update from you soon, saying that you kicked her out. :) Take care of yourself.
P.S. Why does it get so cold when you close the door to your room?? What is the temp in the rest of the house? Maybe get a small heater for your room?


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Don't let her pull that business on you. If she has to stay out in the cold, it is because she made the choice to do it rather than stop poisoning you and your babies. It is her decision. It is NOT your fault if she chooses this.
Tell her to stop smoking inside because it's put you in the hospital and is making your pets sick. No burden of proof is necessary; if you're the landlord you set the rules. Since she hasn't signed a lease you can evict her next time she lights up inside, if she refuses to move you can have her removed and charged with trespassing and assault.

(And yes, it IS assault if indeed it has already caused you injury and she continues to knowingly do it)

If you evict her because she won't stop smoking in your house despite your wishes then IT'S ON HER, NOT YOU!


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AnnLizardLover - I realized that it has been 10 days since we heard anything from you. I think all of us that posted here are pretty worried about you and your situation - are you alright? Could you give us an update on your situation when possible? Of course we'd love to hear how your beardies are doing as well, but clearly your own health is paramount.
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