Beardie ate something dangerous!!

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I had my lizard outside with me so she could get some real sun after she ate (she ate some superworms) and I saw her crawling around, but she was close to me so I didn't worry. Next thing I know she started licking at something and I got up immediately and next thing I know she was chewing on something. I looked closer and it was a rock. Knowing this was dangerous I instinctively tried to grab the end that was out of her mouth and she proceeded on biting me (rather hard might I add, she drew blood). She swallowed it. It was a white rock about the size of half a peppermint. The thing is that I KNOW she can't digest it, the nearest Reptile vet is closed until tomorrow, and I really am scared for her.
Is there anything I can do till I get a hold of the vet???

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You can try giving her a few drops of olive oil and no more supers, softer food would be best. Try and get her to a vet as soon as you can, she should be fine for tonight.


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i agree try and see if lubeing her up by feeding her veggie oil works you could also try warm baths while belly rubbing

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I've heard of beardies eating white rocks before. I'm sure she will be fine. Just keep an eye on her poops for the next few days or weeks, I can't remember how long it takes, it's been awhile since I've read about this happening.


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some beardies love to chew on rocks. they get some minerals from them and it is natural. they of course should not eat them but it should pass naturally. just keep an eye on her and as long as she continues to poop normally I would not worry it will come out. If she stops pooping and eating then its time to go to the vet.
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