Beardie acting lethargic and won’t eat!


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So I’ve had my bearded dragon Oscar for 4 years (I got him when i was 12) and at some point while he was at the store he contracted a fungus (I don’t know if it’s yellow fungus, I was never told by the vet). It went undiagnosed until about 1 1/2 years ago and he has been given 0.5 mL Itraconazole every day since. For about 3 weeks he hasn’t been eating on his own and won’t move much. I first thought it was brumation because he has done it in the past during the colder months. Unfortunately I was away from home for a week so he stayed with my grandparents and he only got worse. I have been giving him a reptile liquid food since I got him back last Wednesday. I have a vet appointment scheduled for this Wednesday but I’m wondering why this is happening. I’ve read that Itraconazole can be bad for their organs (I didn’t know this and the vet had never told me, they just keep prescribing it) and it honestly hasn’t been helping his fungus, as he ended up getting one of his arms amputated last July. I’m also wondering if it’s parasites but I got his stool tested at the vet a bit ago and they never called back with results so I assumed nothing was wrong, however his stool now is more liquidy. To be honest, he’s come a surprisingly long way considering his condition and Im beginning to fear that the fungus could have spread internally and is now harming his organs. Apart from that, I presume people will be wondering about husbandry. I clean his tank twice a month and give him a bath 3-4 times a month (again, hasn’t really helped his fungus issue much) The temperature is always 90-100 and the humidity around 30%. He has a 100w heat lamp and a UVB lamp. He normally gets calcium/vitamin dusted crickets 3 times a week and greens every day. Obviously I will listen to what the vet says on Wednesday but I’m fearing the worst and wondering if anyone has any advice or insight onto the situation. I know it’s relatively common on here for people to have issues with their beardies not eating or moving, but I haven’t seen anything about those symptoms in conjunction with a fungus and aggressive medications. As much as it does hurt me, I’m getting the feeling that this may be the end, as hes never acted this way before. The fungus has spread externally to his other arm slightly, and I know that if it becomes hard for him to move because of it I will put him to rest because it’s not fair to him to live without front legs, so I’m also dreading that he’s stressed and in pain because of it. Also if anyone is willing to provide me emotional comfort Im 100% accepting that right now because I will have to take him to the vet alone and without any support and I know I’m just gonna end up crying in front of that poor vet for the second time ?. Thanks to anyone who reads this, remind me to update Wednesday afternoon if I forget!

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Definitely try to get some pictures of your dragon, along with your tank setup for us, so we
can be sure it is all correct.
How long now, has he been on the Itraconazole for? Yes, the oral anti-fungal agents are
usually harsh on their systems. Do try to get him on a probiotic for help with his digestive
system while he is on this medication. I feel that it is best to cycle these types of medications
to help reduce the effect of damage on organs.
Which reptile food are you giving him?
Since he is not feeling well, we recommend keeping him a little warmer overnight to help boost
his immune system. Usually around 75-80F is a good range.

Let us know how he is doing.


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Hi, I’d like to post an update about Oscar (sorry I didn’t see your posts before today!). I took him to the vet and she agreed that his organs were no longer holding up. She said she could get X-rays and medications sent for him, but we also agreed that it just wouldn’t be fair to him. So, we euthanasia was the best option at this point. She told me that I had done all I could do and given him the best life possible for a beardie with his condition. Although I am heartbroken and angry at the world that he had to go through this disease, I’m honored to have been the one to love and care for him. Thanks for the concern, and sorry I had to update in such a bleak manner. I hope you all are having a good day!

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