Beardie 14 years old, always sleeping and not eating much


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My beardie has been a lovely little guy but over the past year he has really, really slowed down.
A couple of months ago we upgraded his vivarium size, varied his enclosure, and tried giving him more variety of bugs as he was going off the ones we usually have him. He's always had fresh salad and veggies available.

This seemed to help for a while, he perked up and began exploring. However he's gone back to his old ways. He turns his nose up at most food now, he likes mealworms/morio worms, he'll eat locusts with assistance, and refuses most veg and salad except carrots and peppers usually.
We don't have any reptile vets nearby. Is this normal for a beardie of his age? How can I increase his energy levels? Should I up the amount of calcium intake?

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Wow, he's had a very long life and is at the upper end of the average beardie lifespan. You must have taken very good care of him. :) Was he acting this way before you put him in the new enclosure because relocation stress can affect them at any age when they're moved to a new home. Still, his age is the likely reason and sadly at some point they can begin to display these symptoms. Just keep him as comfortable as possible. Make sure his lighting + heat are all on point to give him the best " climate " as he declines. Best wishes to you.


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Could you share a few pics of him? We all love seeing them. I agree with AHBD he has out lived the life span of most beardies, he must have had great care and love.

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What a nice long life he has had! Please post pictures of him, we would all love to see him.
He is a lucky little boy, for sure.
We can go over your tank setup if you would like, just to be sure everything is up to par, which
I am sure that it is. Your supplementation type & schedule would be terrific if possible.


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