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Hey Alex..... I know they just had the big NARBC in Anaheim, CA last month. A few of the members met up there.
I don't know if that's the biggest they have or not... from what I heard it was!
I feel compelled to put my vote in for the east... especially the northeast. And it should be on the weekend.
Perhaps we could just have a "Beardie Day" and have different regions do their own thing, whether it be little parties or big conventions.


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i would definetly go to something like this, i live on the east coast and i put my vote in for Maryland, DC, or Delaware. their basically in the middle of the east coast, so people up in New england and the states up there drive about the same as people down by florida.

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I just realized this was in the General Discussion forum, and is a bit more relevant as a Website Comments topic.


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If something like this were to happen how far in advance would it be?? 2010? I'm in WA state so CA sounds like a nicve get away! :bikerwave:
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