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Bearded dragons weight

How to tell if a bearded dragon is under wieght. I feed her till she doesn't eat any more. I keep feeding her till she stops. But I found out she is supposed to be eating way more then what mine is. She will eat like 10 crickets at a time or double that super worms 2x's a day. So I'm a little concerned she might be under wieght. Some one please help Mr out here. Thank you.

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Thats her right now. Not sure of exact age.


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If she is eating 20 crickets per day, it sounds on the lower side of normal. The crickets should be sized to be about the space between her eyes. I would check the care sheet (linked below) to double check that everything else in your setup is correct. For instance, if your enclosure is too cold, then your beardie will not be able to digest the food properly and therefore will eat less. Whether she is getting enough food really depends on whether or not she acts lethargic, etc. Assuming her growth isn't stunted due to issues such as husbandry, disease, etc., she looks like she could be between 3 and 6 months old.

Also, check out this link because it has some information about how to tell if your beardie is underweight. Good luck!


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Her cage is 105° 110° f on the hot side and around 85° on the cool side. Has uvb and uva lights as well. Her tank isn't that full yet I just put her in the 40 gallon tank so it's pretty bare. But I am not going bioactive till she gets older.


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How long have you had her ? Some dragons don't eat huge amounts , especially if they are new to your home [relocation stress ] but will grow just fine. But you do want to be sure about the lights, what uvb are you using ? If it's a compact you need to upgrade to a long tube like Reptisun 10.0 t5 or Arcadis D3 12 -14 %. Your temps. may be slightly high, try for no more than 105 on the hot side, 80 on the cool side. Post a few pics of the set up, including lights as well.
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