Bearded dragons and apartment pesticides?



My partner and I will be moving into an apartment complex very soon and will be taking our two beardies with us. However, I am concerned because we have been told that the complex has a pest control policy and will be spraying the units regularly (I believe once monthly/once every two months). We have been told that they only spray towards the floor in the corners of each room. My concern is for any airborne pesticides affecting the beardies. We have plans to put them in their brumation bins and bring them over to my parents while this is happening (we would get advance notice as to when the spraying would occur), but I am concerned about how soon after spraying we could return them to their terrariums and if their terrariums would need to be deep cleaned. Additionally, because the pest control people spray towards the floor in corners would an elevated table for their tanks help at all?

Any insight would be really appreciated, thank you ?


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As long as they are not fogging, and only spraying the baseboards I don't think it will be a major issue. To be sure, a couple of days will be fine like you said. Just don't let them free roam in the apartment.

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