Bearded Dragon Will Have Surgery Tomorrow (Mass on Body)

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Hello all. I have not been on in a couple of years so I don't know if you will remember me and my bearded dragon, Kwayze. Unfortunately, she has a mass on one side of her body.

As a background, Kwayze lays infertile eggs every year and exhibits typical behavior (running around, digging, off food once she's ready to lay, etc) at this time of year. She has not laid eggs yet this year but one side of her body was becoming noticeably enlarged. I thought perhaps she was egg bound and took her to the vet to get some oxytocin to stimulate contractions. However, the vet looked at her and suggested an xray.

The xray did not show eggs. It showed a large mass on one side of her body. I was told that it could be a tumor or possibly a granuloma caused by eggs that broke open. Also, her calcium count in her blood work came back high which could indicate ovulation or even lymphoma.

It was left yesterday that she would need exploratory surgery and it may not be successful; she may need to be put down on the table. The surgery was to be scheduled for Tuesday with a surgeon that has more experience with small animals than the other surgeons at the facility.

This morning, Kwayze just didn't look right. She really didn't want to move and seemed bothered by the mass on her side. She also looked really pale which she typically exhibits when under stress. I offered her food and she would not eat unless I hand fed superworms. She ate three and started gagging like she had sour stomach.

Being too scared to wait until Tuesday, I spoke with the vet and discussed bringing her back to my normal, local vet that knows her history. He said that he could do surgery as soon as tomorrow (Friday). After getting a second opinion from him today, he things that it is an enlarged egg sac from the ovary. He is keeping her overnight and putting her on fluids and then will do the procedure tomorrow.

I'm very scared that today may have been the last time I will ever see Kwayze. I love her so much and have had her for 5 years since she was a baby. I really want her to be healthy, happy, and live longer for her sake.

So, my question to all of you, the experienced members that is, is, have you seen something like this on an xray before and are their conclusions reasonable?

Here's the xray:



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I am sorry about your beardie being sick :( I would message Drache613 (tracie) she is a monitor on here and knows a lot. She might know. I hope everything goes good tomorrow


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Thanks, I took your advice. I haven't heard back from her yet but hopefully she might know something.


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I just went through this the end of April, You can look under Prayers for Booger in ER. The vet found a large mass on her right side. We didn't think she would make it through surgery, but she did. She had a big cyst and eggs forming. Total weight of both was 108 grams. Stupid me I took her to a vet while in Oregon and he said she was fine, I waited 2 moths later, once I noticed she lost weight, her legs are getting skinny and lost all her fad pads, hard to breath and wasn't eating. When he opened her up, he called and said she might not make it, an hour later he called to say she made it through surgery and doing fine. Now she is spayed so no worries of eggs. I had a great vet who saved her life and now 6 weeks later she is doing so good. Good luck to you and your girl.


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Thanks Bwalter, for sharing that. It seems like she had something very similar. It has been a rollercoaster day for me. At one point I was told that the prognosis isn't good, she had abscesses all over her abdomen from this tumor-like structure that was connecting to everything else. I was given options to euthanize her, to sew her up and take her back home to wait it out until she passes, or to continue on with the risk that she could bleed to death.

I opted to try to continue taking it out since in my mind, I would have euthanized her anyway rather than have her live in pain.

Then, a miracle happened. The vet was able to get it out after a few hours and after going through several titanium clips to stop the bleeding of the abscesses. He flushed everything out and removed her ovaries and uterus (left and right) as well.

Right now our main concern is sepsis from the abscesses. He said that if she can make it through the month then she will be alright. Currently she is on opiates, two antibiotics, and fluids. She has to stay overnight again but might be ready to go home tomorrow.

The vet literally used the word "miracle."

Anyway, I saw the mass in person and it was gigantic, probably around 100 grams as you described in your case. I have the pics but they are graphic. I can PM if you'd like. There were eggs loose and all over the place and the mass was full of fluid and kinda surrounded the ovary.

Here she is post surgery; please pray for her or keep her in your thoughts:




I sincerely wish Kwayze a speedy recovery. She looks good postoperatively. I cannot believe they managed to get an IV catheter into her. Hopefully she will go back to eating soon. She is indeed a miracle girl, including any other Beardie who made it trough surgery. :blob5: :blob8:


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Wow, you both have a lot to deal with for sure. I wish I had pictures of what Booger's cyst looked like and how big it was. Your poor girl, it is hell waiting on answers when they are in surgery. I cried for a couple hours that day. I would like to see a picture of it and I can tell if it was like what Booger had. Hoping your girl makes a full recovery and has many years left together with you. The "miracle" part I do really understand that.


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Thanks everyone. I truly believe that she is a fighter.

@bwalter - I was a mess yesterday at work while dealing with this. Coincidentally, it was my last day at a job and I start a new one on Monday which made things more awkward. I have the pictures and will PM them to you. :D I don't want to make anyone else lose their appetite haha.


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I just saw the picture you sent, boy I am glad your girl made it through and I am crossing my finger she makes a fast recovery. I know the feeling of being a mess while waiting on word of how surgery went. I think I cried so much that day.They are tough little lizards. Keep me updated on how recovery goes.


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RIP Kwayze

In an unfortunate turn of events, Kwayze passed from sepsis and liver failure at 7:30 a.m. - the doctor found her dead this morning and traced it back to when the fluid machine stopped running because of blood cooagulation.

I am beside myself and heartbroken. I just don't know what to do or how to process this, that my little girl is dead. She was supposed to be a miracle but she just couldn't fight anymore. She had already been fighting too long and we were too late.

I am so sad. I really hope she knows that I did everything in my power. If there is an after-life, I hope that she is happy and not in pain anymore. That she knows that I love her very much and that maybe we will be able to meet again. I hope she knows that I would have been with her last night if I had known that she was dying and I would have just taken her home and held her through the night.

This is just too much for me.

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I am so very sorry for your loss. You both did the very best you could. I firmly believe that the bonds we form carry over to the next dimension, and that you will be reunited again one day. Dear Kwayze is resting peacefully now.
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