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I'm 15 and I have 2 juvenile pygmy bearded dragons, Tyson and Lenny. Recently I went on a holiday and left them in the care of a friend for 10 days. When I got back he told me that they were lazy (as usual) and didn't eat much. 2 weeks later and they still haven't eaten very much at all. I usually feed them mealworms but now I'm at loss of what to do.
Tyson is smaller and scrawnier than Lenny, and hasn't opened his eyes for a few days. At first I thought he was dead, but he is breathing and reacts when I touch him. Lenny just generally hasn't eaten much and is heaps lazy. I don't think it has anything to do with heat or light, because those aspects have remained the same since I got the dragons last year.
I've told my parents and they simply said they're fine and we'll just feed them something else. But they won't eat anything at all. If you have any advice at all it would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Claire :)


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Unfortunately, mealworms are not good for them, they do not provide adequate nutrition and can cause impaction of their digestive system.

Crickets or dubia roaches are good staple feeders. :)

For sluggishness, also check temperatures with a reliable thermometer (probe or temp gun) and make sure the basking spot is 95-105. Also check that the UVB is correct as insufficient UVB will cause many problems (Reptisun 10.0 or Arcadia 12%).

If they are being housed together, please check out this thread : viewtopic.php?f=6&t=154908


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Sorry your beardies aren't doing well. There's so many things it could be! (We're all going to ask you a million questions in order to try to help you, so be ready!!) If your UVB is over 6 months old, start with that. Replace your bulb. We also need more info on what else they're eating: Are you supplementing them with calcium & vitamins? Do they eat anything else other than mealworms? How old are they? If they've stopped eating all together, you may need to start feeding them by dropper with calcium/vitamins mixed in. Here's what you can try: At the grocery Store, get some baby food: Stage One chicken (one little jar), Stage One green beans (one little jar). Get some Pedialyte (comes in large bottles or 6 pack little bottles, I would go 6 pack if you can find it), an electrolyte supplement for infants and children, also found with baby food. Apple flavor is good if you can find it, other wise use unflavored. You will need a syringe or medicine dropper. Your local pharmacy should have them. At your local reptile/pet store: get (if you don't have some already) calcium powder for reptiles, vitamin powder for reptiles. All of these items may cost you a little bit of money, so be prepared. You are going to make a mix of the baby foods & pedialyte and mix in a good pinch of each powder. Keep the consistency to that of the green beans, maybe a little thinner, so it will flow through the syringe or dropper. You will probably only need 1/2 teaspoon of each food. If your beardies aren't hungry for some reason, they may take very little. See if they will lick it off the end of the dropper or syringe themselves, if not put a little on the tip of their snout/mouth, that may prompt them to lick their mouth and take some in. This is just to get nutrients into them until you see a vet/figure out what's wrong! Ask questions, lots of questions, you will get your answers here! Please keep us updated on your scaly babies!



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Hello Claire,

Please do answer all of the husbandry questions & post some pictures for us.
We don't get to see Pygmy bearded dragons here in the US very much.
How are they doing today?



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Thank you all for your suggestions. We bought them a UV light and a heat pad which seemed to help out a lot.
We tried a lot of different techniques in terms of feeding - Tyson seemed to go down well with the baby food and supplements for a while. Lenny ate everything we gave him and has fully returned to his old self.
Unfortunately, nothing could help Tyson properly and he died last night.

Thank you all for your support, it really means a lot to me.


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Awww, I'm so sorry Tyson didn't make it. :( I hope Lenny continues to improve for you. If you have anymore questions or concerns please post them right away!
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