Bearded Dragon Randomly Very Upset and First Black Beard


Hello, I haven't posted here in ages because things have been going really well, but literally about 10 minutes ago, i went to go check on my male, about 1 year and 6 month old bearded dragon, as he kinda put himself in a pretty uncomfortable position in his enclosure, and i just wanted to hang out. he lay himself behind a small rock that was standing upright, and he had his head tilted straight up against the wall. which has only done like twice before when sleeping, and not just randomly in the day. Anyways, I moved the rock away from him and approached him like any other time. but he immediately ran off, puffed, and turned into a full black beard. Which he's never done before. The most he's ever done is a morning puff and head bouncing with his yawn and stuff. He's also never darted away from me like he did. I was really confused, so I offered him a bug, which he didn't accept at all, and he started puffing and bobbing at me, with his full black beard. I quickly left this enclosure, and shut off the fairly loud music I had on, but music, or any other loud sounds have never seemed to bother him before. Then I went to grab him some fruit, like a peace offering or something, and I put on the song way more gentle music and am keeping my back turned to the enclosure. He seems to be calming down.

I'm really confused, because last night was completely normal, I got home from some errands and gave him some bugs which he was perfectly happy to eat, the only other things I can think of is that I added a new stick to his enclosure recently, but he's seemed to take fine to it, and normally he really enjoys new things and moving around the décor in his enclosure. I've already remove it just to be sure. and the other thing is due to his bioactive set up I am not 100% sure of the last time he has pooped, but he doesn't seem ill at all, and everything has been perfectly fine until right now, where pretty much every time I look back at him he tenses up, and he's staring at me really closely. anyways, I just want to make sure I'm no missing anything, especially with how this is his first time black bearding, and how things were perfectly fine last night.

I can attach pictures or anything if that helps, thanks for reading.

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You probably startled him, if he didn't see you (maybe even if he did) when you moved the decor he probably wasn't expecting it. Give him a few hours or maybe over night and he should get over it.


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You probably startled him, if he didn't see you (maybe even if he did) when you moved the decor he probably wasn't expecting it. Give him a few hours or maybe over night and he should get over it.
thanks for your reply, he has seemed to calm down alitte already, and ive covered the enclousre with a towel to maybe help him out abit.

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