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Hello, I have a male and two female bearded dragons unfortunately the nicer of the two females is unable to breed at this time but we are working towards recovery. We are trying to breed the other female but when we put the male in with her he goes and bites her neck but then releases after 10-45 seconds. This has been going on for the past three days of trying and we have called around and no one has any ideas. The female is very submissive but the male is just not doing his part. So here I am any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Sometimes it ca be where they are introduced. Some males will be more inclined to breed if the female is put in HIS cage, others just out in the open on the floor of . But if he doesn't want to there may be another time that he will, otherwise there's nothing you can do, it's up to him.


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Okay so he got to the stage today of interlocking tails but his hempen isn’t lining up with her he is about an inch off. Any advice on this?

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AHBD":1nsob1r9 said:
No, he'll have to figure it on his own. Just be patient . :)
Haha... Such sage advice.

And lets be honest here, if he can't figure it out, do you really want him breeding anyways? :laughing6: :laughhard: (Only kidding)

1.) Are you 100% positive there hasn't been a successful copulation? My former breeder male Hugh (RIP buddy) had a routine where he'd do the deed with one of my females on the first try, and then if I paired him with the same girl after that, he'd do exactly what your male is doing. The cycle would repeat with literally every girl I paired him with.

2.) I know dragons are capable of breeding year round, but it's not exactly the traditional mating season right now. Some males won't go (or at least won't be particularly fertile) until after the winter nap. Maybe this is what's going on with her. She might need the winter nap before she's ready to go again.

3.) I don't know the climate you live in or if this would really be applicable to dragons, but some reptiles, such as ball pythons, are more likely to do the nasty if there's precipitation. Even from inside, they can sense the barometric pressure changes, and for some reason, low atmospheric pressure outside tends to rev them up. If it's raining anytime soon, maybe try it then?

4.) I don't know when or where you got your female from, but if you got her as an adult, do you think it's possible that she may have been spayed at some point?

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