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Please help me with my bearded dragon. A few days ago when I woke up I noticed what looked like a red scratch just above his right eye. Now two days later it's gotten worse there's another red scratch looking wound and it's swollen, looks bruised, he doesn't keep they eye open very much. Also on his right side of his mouth it's starting to look wounded as well. He has still been eating though not quite as much as usual. His water stays full. He roams around but not as much, he's fairly lethargic compared to usual. Also today I noticed some discoloration on his underside and I'm very concerned for little man. Please any advice is welcomed.


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Drache613 Sicko
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It appears he might have been trying to scratch or rub the skin off of his eye & head area which
irritated the scales. Do you have anything sharp in the tank you could take out to keep him from
rubbing it more right now so it can heal up?



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How is your dragon's eye doing today, any improvements?

Hi thanks for the info. Sorry I take forever to respond on sites I don't typically visit. The eye started to get better then his mouth got worse. I took him to the vet for an emergency visit and he was put on enrofloxacin. He's doing much better now

Drache613 Sicko
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Oh my, that is very frustrating! One problem clears up, then another one crops up, it was most likely an
infection then, since it sounds like it traveled a little bit. I'm glad to hear the Enroflaxin/Baytril cleared it up
& that he is doing better now!


KarrieRee Sicko
Beardie name(s)
Hiccup he is 4 and Blaze is 3
Please make sure your using NO coils for a UVB -- they can cause all kinds of health issues -- if you need more help w/ what to get please ask --- correct UVB and surface basking temps are crucial in the health of the dragon -- please ask for help if you need it --

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