Bearded dragon for sale/looking for new home

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Hi! I’ve had my dragon for about a year now. I love her so much, but I’m leaving for school soon and my family can’t care for her. I’d love for her to go to someone who can give her the attention she deserves while I’m at school. However, I understand a person might not be open to something temporary. I’m willing to discuss the situation if this at all interests someone. I love my dragon and want what’s best for her so I am open to the options. Please respond if you live in the NOVA area and are looking for an amazing animal.

I live in Fauquier County, VA. I’m pretty sure my dragon is female, but I am not an expert. She’s a year old. Her name is Buffalo. She has citrus coloring.

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Hi there,

Sorry for your current situation.
In regards to your post though, if you are looking to sell your dragon, you will need to post in the for sale section. If the dragon is free to a good home as indicated by your other thread, that is fine.

I will also be removing your thread from the general discussion section. I understand that you are just trying to get exposure to hep your dragon, but you've posted already in the best spots :)

Good luck!

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