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Today someone approached me when I had my Puff on his leash at the park while he was on my shoulder. They thought his color was so awesome and asked what morph he is. I thought my beardie was just a standard dragon, but like I said in my previous posts, he was a rescue so it's not like I'm a lizard expert. Anyways, here's a good picture of him right out of the bath! Ignore the cloudy patches, he's beginning to shed.



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Bearded dragons can have an assortment of colors and still be normal. Your guy is really unique looking, but considered normal.

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Years ago people would simply call it by it's color, yellow or citrus, rather than just normal because there were no leathers or trans. on the market to differentiate from. True, the scales are not transluscent or smooth like a leatherback, but it is distinguished by it's color. So you can call your fellow a citrus , he's not super yellow but he is a fine looking dragon and pretty unique. :)
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