Bearded Dragon Breeders List (request for feedback)

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Hey all,

Something that I find people come to our site in search of (especially first-timers) is information about some of the more reputable bearded dragon breeders, and especially ones that may be local to them. I can see this in metrics about search terms people use when they come to the site.

Sadly, they have to dig through tons of posts to find out information that may help them. I am thinking I would like to reach out to other community to gather positive personal experiences, and put together an article on some of the more popular ones among our community.

If you have a breeder that you've had a good experience with, please reply with the following (as much as you know):
- Name of breeder
- URL Link
- When you last got a dragon from them (how much time has passed can provide context sometimes)
- Location (State, City if you know)
- Best 1-2 things you liked about them
- Any cons to be aware of

I'd like to mostly focus on the positives (ones we like), but including cons at least provides a fair view for people to be aware of.

I can then work on pulling things together and find some commonality for a good resource for visitors to use.



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Thats is a wonderful idea, could the same be done for vets? I know there is a link to find a vet in a given area, but two i have horrible experiences with in vegas show up on that list.

beardie Sicko
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After we get this done, we can try it for vets. I find vets hard to get good feedback and large enough a dataset to be effective/useful but I’d be more than happy to try. :)

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