Bearded Dragon Bit My Dog?


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My bearded dragon Zym is usually a sweetheart even though he can be hyper. In the beginning, my dog would sniff near my dragon but never did anything. She soon learned to leave Zym alone so I’d let them both be outside in the backyard. (I’d watch Zym 100% of the time) Today, Zym ran really fast over to my dog who was sleeping, bobbed his head, and BIT HER! My dog woke up frightened but only looked at Zym. Luckily, she is a good and old dog so she didn’t do anything. I moved Zym away, pet my dog, and took Zym inside. Is this normal? A bearded dragon who made an effort to run over and bite a sleeping dog who has done nothing?


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Generally beardies aren’t friendly towards other animals, and it’s very likely he was afraid of the dog and tried to defend himself against it, but the head bobbing and running over to bite implies he may have been trying to flirt with your dog, hormonal male beardies can be dumb like that sometimes lol.

But overall, it’s far safer for both of them to not let them near each other at all, don’t allow them to have any potential contact. Beardies get scared easily and dogs can be overly friendly and can accidentally hurt a beardie. Hope your dog’s okay!

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