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Bearded Dragon Advice


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Hello! I have a 5 month old beardie ( 6 months next week ) who’s eating has slowed down, that I bought it after winning on the slot machine that I found on the top-slotmachine.com. He’s willing to eat hornworms and superworms, but not as willing to eat his dubia roaches. I can get him to eat a few of them, so he’s eating to an extent, but less than normal. He’s usually a pig. He’s hiding more often, more than usual. He weighs approximately 311g, and is around 15.5 inches long.

It’s very confusing why his behavior has changed. But, he has recently began head bobbing at my other male bearded dragon for the first time. (They are housed seperately, of course.) So.. maybe.. is there something hormonal going on? Like.. puberty? If that’s even a thing with beardies xD Maybe brumation?

He does have some shedding going on, it’s a bit difficult to tell where other than on his head since he’s quite light colored ( Witblits ).

His enclosure consists of a basking spot between 102-105°, and he does indeed get proper access to UVB! (He often is seen basking with his mouth open, so that’s good he’s getting hot enough!)Humidity is between 35%-40%.

Is my bearded dragon okay? Should I be concerned? Anyone else experience this? Thank you for any tips :)


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Please get him in a spot where the two dragons cannot see each -- they are stressing each other out -- its also brumation time --- you have a very big dragon for a 6 month old -- the head bobbing is a sign of dominance --- its a mating thing -- eating will slow down as well --- is he eating salads at all?


I'm with Karrie on this one. Keep those two out of line of sight. As far as the slow down in feeding and activity, it's that time of year. My girl is active about 3 hours a day, eats a reduced amount, poops a bit less ( less in equals less out) and naps all day in a warm shady spot. It's brumation. I've found that he preference of food is BSFLs during this time. Hope this helps. Just be mindful of an unhealthy weight loss. If you find that you feel you need a second opinion, take her to a reputable herp vet. They'll help determine if it's natural behavior or something more.


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How are things going today?
Brumation is definitely an activity most adult dragons go through this time of year. I do think that
the stress of seeing another dragon will definitely affect the behavior. I would highly consider
trying to reduce the stress & keeping them from seeing each other if it's causing so much activity,
like head bobbing, etc.
Let us know how your dragons are doing.

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