Bear dies tail losing blood circulation but i want to avoid amputating tail what should I do?


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My beardie isn’t that old but isn’t a hatchling anymore either she was shedding one time and I noticed the she’d got stuck around her tail in a way I don’t know but it looks like it cut into her and left only the tip of the tail kinda broken and drying up but it will not fall off and I’m wondering should I follow tail rot treatment routines or should I help her take the tail off im worried if I take her to the vet they’ll either say amputate and I want her to keep her tail 🥺 at least majority of it bc it really is just the tip or they’ll try to bs me to make me buy more products and such as I seen vets do in the past and something tells me somebody here could give me better insight pls help. thank you


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My understanding is that if amputation is necessary a reputable reptile vet will only take off what is necessary to halt further damage, usually a couple vertebrae up from the affected area. If that does end up being the case, I don't imagine she will lose too much of it. If you have a vet already, maybe you could send pictures and they can tell you if an appointment is necessary.

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