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Already so i got my beardie about 2 months ago. But had a question about sexting.

When I first got her:

What she look's like now:

My question is, is he/she male or female? Because over the last couple of days he/she has become a little bloated. She can't be more than 4 months old (TOPS) and didn't know if this could be egg related? Or the new diet. She's been eating Zilla Forified Dragon food, they're little red pellets that are soaked in water and it smells like cat food. The only reason she's been eating it is because my local Petsmart is out of crickets(typical, they suck with everything) I realize I'm probably in the wrong forum but can't figure out this site. I also have another question, as you can see the color difference between her tail and legs VS. his/her body, is she beginning to shed or what? Cause that's happened over about the last 2 days.

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Hi there....O.K., I will try to be patient ! [ Just kidding, :) ] Well, the pictures aren't showing up, so I can't help with sexing, but if you figure out how to post them [ instructions can be found in the website comments at top of page , and I believe in photo expressions as well ] But as for body parts looking different shades of color, that's usually shedding, and as for the bloating, it is probably the new food item. Probably nothing to worry about at all.


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Really? They're showing up just fine on my computer and thanks, probably just concerned cause of how quickly it happened to her.


pictures don't show up for me. BUT- If your beardie is starting to shed, the skin will look kind of grey, like he/she is wearing a coat or something. If its a girl and shes only 4 months old, I would rule out the eggs. If they are for some reason you should be able to see the outlines of them in the belly.
As for the sexing, its pretty hard to do until they're about 6 months old. Certain behavior such as waving is typical of a female beardie (although some males will do this occasionally) head bobbing is a male characteristic. Head size and shapes can help determine sex but tell tale signs are seen when you life the tale:
Female: ONE bulge
Male: Two bulges with an indent between separating the two. Also, little bumps form on the side of the inner leg.

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Since you have "gmail" and most of us don't, we won't be able to view the pictures. You would need to download them into Photobucket then post the
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