Baytril antibiotic- need a second opinion


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My bearded dragon Pogi is 7 years old and lately he has been keeping one eye closed. We think he has an eye infection. We took him to the vet on 2/24, and they swabbed his eye to send a culture to the lab, but we have yet to hear back from them. The vet prescribed Baytril. We’re supposed to give him an injection every day. They didn’t say he had an infection or respiratory infection so I’m not sure why he is getting such a strong antibiotic. He has 5 injections left and we have been noticing him black bearding and acting lethargic. The vet is closed the next couple of days for “training” and this is the only reptile vet near me. My question is: would it be okay to stop the baytril injections with 5 days left? I know antibiotics need every dose to be effective so I’m not sure what to do.


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If he is doing that, then you should diffidently stop because if you keep going, he's gonna get more and more sick


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that's a toss up. if he does actually have an infection, it could come back worse if you stop because the strongest buggies are the ones left that get a chance to grow. but if he doesn't have an infection there is no need for the antibiotics. @Drache613 is a vet tech on here, and she's usually on late at night. i'd see what she has to say.

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I would've recommended strongly against giving baytril prior to receiving lab results back.
What dose and quantity of baytril are you injecting, and where/how are you injecting?



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I would've recommended strongly against giving baytril prior to receiving lab results back.
What dose and quantity of baytril are you injecting, and where/how are you injecting?

I 100% agree, but I was thinking the vet knew best and went with her instructions. The prescription is .08 to be injected by syringe in his arm everyday. We (me & my boyfriend) have been alternating arms each day, but I think we’ve come to the decision to not continue… hopefully this is the right choice.

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I agree. Most of the time, we don't recommend giving antibiotics without a good reason, since their systems are
so sensitive to them.
Bless him. Do you have any non dairy organic soy yogurt or non dairy acidophiliz to give to him?
You can try thinning out some raw honey to make a solution you could drop into his eye. Just use some sterile water
mixed with the honey to make the eye drops.


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