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So I have a question. Can I bathe my bearded dragon in my bathtub that I use? Do I need to have a cleaner to clean before and after her bath?


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I always bath mine in the tub. I wipe it down with a towel and water good before she gets in to make sure there is no soap residue or anything if she drinks the water. Then I add some reptisafe to her warm water to remove any Chlorine in the water and just make sure it’s not to hot but more of a warm comfort. I don’t feel it up much. I heard to there knees but once in awhile I do a little more so she can swim some and I set with her until she’s ready to get out. Usually she’ll go to the bathroom and that’s when she’s ready. I’d have some kind of cleaner on hand for afterwards in case yours does go potty so you can clean it out good. But that’s just me. Someone else may recommend something else.


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thanks for this advice- after my growing beardie and 2 escapes after the mobile tub aka a big container, I think it's time.
I also saw others use the sink. Just for the heck of it I moved Rocky closer to the sink as he likes to sit on my shoulder or in the window behind the sink while I wash dishes. Rocky began staring at the running water then shaking his head as if a mosquito was on him the closer I put him so that's a no, LOL

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