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I need him to not hate it anymore. I have tried everything. The hand in the tub, the rolled up washcloth. As much as just putting a quater in of water in there. He HATES it. I dont know why. He just freezes and does nothing, is there anything at all i can do. Ive even gone as far as giving him treats while in the tub which 99% of the time he refuses. He hates it so much to the point where he gives me extremley dirty looks for 2 days and then 2 days after that its bath time again.


I believe I have a solution to this...I hope ;)

My baby beardie chomper, used to swim in the sink fine, and then all of a sudden he changed his mind and would freak out if I take him any where near the sink.... I thought oh no...this is it, he's guna hate swimming/bathing for ever now :/

HOWEVER... I brought a large exoterra water bowel (which is cool cause as he's a baby he can still swish around) and his attitude COMPLETLEY changed to the point that he kept taking himself in there & swimming and splashing, little to say he loved it !!

Bottom line is, I think perhaps what he is currently being bathed in is too big and its freaking him out.. Are the temps ok-not too hot/cold? You could you try a baby bath(if hes an adult) or dish if baby...? because then he can get out on his own and because of that, will be more willing to stay in... but I really would suggest getting a baby's bath instead and I really think he'll be ok with that! Keep me updated !

:) hope this helps...but don't worry you will find something he's comfortable in!


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Ive tried larger containers. Specifically not a babies bath but i have 2ft diameter plasticware container. Its for pizza at about 3in deep. He was fine till i put about a cup of water, he froze completly and gave me his famous "i wish i was poisonous" stare


Lol ! that last bit made me chuckle ! I don't know if we got our wires crossed, but I meant a smaller container, with smaller sides. But I guess the pizza container would be good for that :/ Has he ever been ok with baths? I have tried dropping water on my beardie all over his body to make him aware that's what is going to happen lol, and I found that helps too :) keep trying different containers! that's the best thing I would suggest. You could always put it in his viv for a bit if he's a bit of an explorer? he can check it out himself & you might be shocked he may go in it himself .... we can hope! :D
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