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My beardie has out grown his bath tubs several times I used to use a medium size water dish then a long tupper ware and then a 1ft by 1 ft box however the only time he is comfortable if it is in his cage and that raises the hummidity and the boxes r starting to not fit so easily and he really seems to enjoy and try to swim in the little one. He doesn't seem to like the bath tub he puffs up even if the water doesn't reach his arm pits, when he glass dances I put him in the bath tub with no water to run around but as soon as I put any water he puffs up how do I get him comfortable in a larger area of water?


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Try holding him in your hand while you submerse him, and let him sit on your hand during the bath. It will make him feel more secure knowing he has something solid to hold on to.

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When you use the bathtub, do you have some type of cloth in the bottom to keep him from sliding around so that he feels more secure? If not, I suggest you try that, it helps a lot. If you think the tub is too big for him, you could use a sink and put a washcloth in the bottom so that it isn't slippery. Let us know how it goes.
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